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Dining Hall: Dining room has service island, tables and bench seating for over 140 diners, an ice maker, coffeemaker and cozy fireplace. Kitchen includes a dishwasher, 3 deep sinks, 2 extra wash sinks, a convention oven, gas & electric stoves/ovens, gas grill, 3 commercial size refrigerators, 2 freezers, a dry goods storage room, microwave and prep area.

Cabins: Cabins are equipped with bunk beds. We have a few full size beds in the larger cabins. Two of the 19 cabins are heated with indoor plumbing and kitchen to help provide an extra measure of comfort to meet your special needs.

Chapel : Chapel is centrally located and allows bench seating for over 140 campers. The stage area is suitable for presentations with speaker systems and outlets for projector, keyboard or other devices.

Campfire Area: Enjoy an evening camp fire in a well-maintained stone campfire pit surrounded by lots of rustic log seating.

Hiking Trails: There are lots of self-directed natural trails to choose. Supervised hiking for your younger campers is recommended.

Basball Field, Basketball Pad, Volleyball Sand Court, and Swings.


Classrooms: These cabins have tables and benches for any class or meetings.

Nursery: This special cabin is furnished with toys to keep the little ones out of trouble. A fenced play yard has plenty of outdoor activities including swings, sand box and play house.

RV & Tents: There are lots of private areas to hook up an RV and enjoy the great outdoors. We also have lots of cleared, level areas that are the perfect spot for pitching any size tent.

Two Community Restrooms with Multiple Showers: No camp could be complete without a warm showers and this camp has plenty. Restrooms are placed at opposite sides of the camp for your convenience.

Canteen Building:
A great place to offer cool refreshing drinks and snacks to campers. There are lots of picnic tables for people to congregate.

Recycling: Camp Cascade offers large bins for aluminum cans, metal and plastic containers. The Alu- minum can bin is by the canteen the rest are located behind the kitchen. Please help save the planet and carry out your cardboard.